Sake Rummet

Our restaurant on Gammel Kongevej in Frederiksberg offers privacy without sacrificing the restaurant feel, as the restaurant is home to a small room with a door that you can leave ajar or close as desired. Regardless of whether you are here for a meeting, a dinner, teambuilding, or a reception, we recommend starting with a cocktail and snacks at the fireplace by the bar.

The Sake Room is located in the basement of our restaurant on the unofficial main street in Frederiksberg. This small and intimate space will greet you with low-hanging lamps, walls covered in soft, green fabric, and a large photograph of a group Japanese girls in kimonos.

Although there is no limit to how many people we would like to fit in the Sake Room, we have an upper limit of fifteen seated guests, to ensure that there is enough elbow room for everyone. It is possible to book the Sake Room any day of the week and our chefs know their way around the Japanese kitchen. We serve anything from breakfast or lunch to dinner or light snacks. Although we tend to base our event menus on our overall menu, we know our chefs well enough to say that they jump at any chance to go above and beyond—just say the word.

Call us at +45 33 11 70 30 or email at to coordinate.


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