Valentine's Day

A special day calls for special plans. We’ll take care of the food and the mood, so you can take care of each other.

It is the perfect day to treat your ‘anata’ (which is how the Japanese refer to that special ‘someone’ in your life) to an unforgettable dining experience.

We’ve created a special menu to celebrate love. No better way to do that than with special dishes such as our Hotate Carpaccio, Robusta Krokokke or Wagyu Temaki. And if you are feeling extra special you can treat yourself and your partner with caviar and bubbles.


£95 Set menu £116 with a 10g tin of Exmouth Caviar

GRILLED EDAMAME. Grilled, supreme soy & soya sesame
EBI BITES. Tempura shrimp, miso aïoli, chilli, lime & coriander
HIRAMASA KATAIFI. Hiramasa, kataifi, chives,
HOTATE CARPACCIO. Scallops, lime dressing, olive oil,
ponzu and coriander
WAGYU TEMAKI. Japanese Wagyu, seasoned nori,
sushi rice & supreme tsume
EBI PANKO. Tempura shrimp & spicy sauce,
topped with avocado
SHAKE AIOLI. Snow peas, avocado, miso aïoli & cucumber
topped with seared salmon & trout roe
ROBUSUTA KOROKKE. Lobster croquettes,
shiso & aïoli shiso, truffle oil & ponzu
AIGAMO TSUKUNE. Grilled duck meatball with
egg yolk in supreme soy
YAGI YAKI. Goat’s cheese wrapped in cured ham