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For smaller groups who are undecided on what to order, don't live in a delivery catchment zone or just need some guidance on what's best for their event we offer a bespoke takeaway option with delivery via prestige cars.

Your menu will be built around your numbers, budget and preferences and then packaged in our lovely takeaway boxes which are ideal for presentation, should you not want to have the fuss of re-plating.

The cost involved with this is the value of the food plus delivery, all settled in advance via an online payment link so all you need to is sit back and wait for your driver.

Delivery costs through prestige are based on location and work according to the below:

0 -2 Miles £14 +VAT

2-4 Miles £16.50 +VAT

5-6 Miles £19.50 +VAT

6-8 Miles £22.50 +VAT

8-10 Miles £25.50 +VAT

10-12 Miles £28.50 +VAT

Should you want to source a local taxi firm yourselves that is no problem at all, we are more than happy to still get the menu in place for you for personal collection.

Please reach out on the below contact for assistance and we look forward to hearing from you

Contact our catering team

Bespoke Takeaway.
Please get in touch, and our team will get back to you in the next 24-48hours.


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