Responsible Sourcing

We aim to buy as much produce as possible that has been sourced using greener farming methods that either do not use, or heavily limit their usage of chemicals, pesticides or additives.

We buy the pork for all our restaurants from a Danish farm called Hestbjerg Ecology. The pigs are free-range, and they do not use chemicals in their farming processes'. Hestbjerg aims to keep the conditions of the pigs as healthy as possible, so an array of poppel trees have been planted providing shade for the pigs (they do not like high temperatures). The trees also bind nitrogen and other nutrients hence, reducing the risk of environmental pollution from pig fields and increasing wildlife variation close to the fields. The pigs also fertilise the soil so, in the future environmentally friendly biofuels can be harvested. The piglets remain with their mothers for ten weeks instead of the normal seven weeks for traditional organic farming practices and the three-four weeks afforded by conventional farming. This increases the well-being and health of the piglets hence, reducing mortality.

Our cleaning products in the UK are made of almost entirely biological components and are tested to be over 99% biodegradable within 28 days!

These are just a few of our examples but there are countless more! Other chemical-free or low-chemical sourced goods include, our coffee, some wines and, soon to be, even our t-shirts


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