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Competitors join forces for CSR


Competitors Join Forces on CSR

Sticks'n'Sushi, together with 14 other restaurateurs, has entered into a new and substantial industrywide collaboration that embraces the spirit of our times and brings accountability to the fore.

The restaurant industry keeps growing and growing.

“DRC” is Denmark's Restaurants & Cafes - and this association has created REGA, the Restaurateurs' Guarantee Agreement, an industry initiative for social responsibility.

The whole thing is founded upon on three messages: Respectfor human rights, protectionof the environment, and a great desire to prevent corruption.To encourage as many restaurants as possible with clear goals of social, environmental and economic sustainability.

We couldn’t resist that proposition.

So we quickly decided not only to join the cooperation, but also to work actively with REGA in our daily lives.

These are clear ideas we can be in on.

They are firmly rooted in our DNA: We employ people from more than 35 countries, are always in search of suppliers who have visions of taking care of the environment, and of course we are against all corruption - it leaves a bad wake.

The new initiative is based on the UN Global Compact, FN and OECD minimum standards for responsible corporate behavior.

There are many ideas and more good goals. So the desire to strengthen our collaboration with more members is great.

Read more about REGA here and learn about our dedication to sustainability in this pdf.


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