Happy People

Sticks ‘n’ Sushi is the employees. Without our staff we would be nothing, so we want everybody to be happy and enjoy coming to work. After all, a happy work force makes an outstanding workforce! We are a hugely diverse team, communally being from over eighty different nationalities and believe this diversity is a huge asset to our restaurant family. We hope our family members are as happy with us as we are with them!

We offer a range of training and development opportunities, we have flexible schedules with reasonable forecasted schedules and ensure we have access to snacks, drinks and hot meals. We are also trying to extend our staff feedback mechanism and collect further information on areas where discrimination could occur, to ensure everyone is equally included in our restaurant family.


We have all gone through a tough year so far with covid-19 which is by no means over! We cannot put into words the incredible dedication, adaptability and downright hard work our employees have shown under these unprecedented circumstances. We are in awe of their attitude! Many were working throughout the whole period, serving takeaway to our guests under the most difficult situations or working behind the scenes adapting to a situation that changed daily. While some of our lovely colleagues were stuck at home with the most incredible uncertainty and isolation often returning to work at daily notice – and they did so faultlessly.

Please take a moment next time you are in one of our restaurants to recognise the effort it has taken for many of our staff to be here today and the pressure they still remain under. And also, please stretch some sympathy to our fellow colleagues in the service industry whose premises have not as yet, and may never, get to reopen.


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