Paper usage is a big way to reduce environmental footprints! We stopped our usage of plastic straws in 2019, now all restaurants use paper straws. We also do some of our printing for menu and information cards using a C02 neutral printing company. They use certified paper and the ink is chemical free and completely biodegradable; apparently it is so clean you can even eat it! We hope over time to transition to using this company for a greater volume of our printing.

However, it is always good to reduce any wastage! Over the next year we aim to reduce our volumes of printing, paper straw usage and paper napkins generally. We will soon only serve straws with specific cocktails and for children; other beverages will not include them. We will reduce the amount of napkins placed on the tables in our restaurants.

We know some guests will miss these items but, simply ask a member of staff and they will be happy to provide you with a straw or a napkin!


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