Pork from Hestbjerg

We have succeeded in procuring even better pork for Sticks'n'Sushi.

The new pork is from Hestbjerg Organic and to begin with it will be used for our Buta Bara yakitori sticks.

The farm is situated close to Holstebro in Jutland and is run by Bertel Hestbjerg. Bertel is out of a farmer’s family, being the 15th generation of farmers, and the farm itself has been in his family since 1623.

Continually striving for better

Here, sustainability and welfare are pivotal for all thought and action and the guiding philosophy is that our generation's recklessness should not limit the possibilities for coming generations.

On the farm, they work continuously with improving the welfare of the pigs. They have moved from conventional pigs to free-range pigs to organic pigs – always towards a better tomorrow.

For instance, the suckling pigs stay with their mother until they are ten weeks compared to the average of 7 weeks – in conventional farming, they only get 3-4 weeks with their mother.

Stronger and healthier piglets

The extra time with their mother means a lower mortality rate, no need for antibiotics and stronger, healthier organic piglets.

Poplar Pig is the name of the meat coming from Hestbjerg Organic. Originally, pigs are forest animals. They love to root the forest floor, so staying true to their nature, Hestbjerg has planted a bunch of poplars. These provide shade for the pigs, who hate high temperatures. In return, the pigs fertilise the soil, and in the future, the trees can be logged for biofuel.

The trees also bind carbon and other nutrients, so the risk of polluting the environment is lowered while providing a place for varied wildlife to blossom near the pig enclosures.

Apples and cherry plums on the menu

Jerusalem artichokes are planted for the pregnant sows to dig up with their snouts. The piglets are introduced to solid foods with apples, cherry plums, nuts and sour berries when in season and otherwise they start with eating from small troughs. Furthermore, Hestbjerg is working on the genetics of the sows, so they have fewer but stronger offspring.

At some point, the good life ends for the pigs to become good food. But this is done under fair conditions, too. The time towards and on the slaughter day is dealt with as careful as possible.

Sticks'n'Sushi, Hestbjerg pork
Sticks'n'Sushi, Hestbjerg pork
Sticks'n'Sushi, Hestbjerg pork
Sticks'n'Sushi, Hestbjerg pork