Fish have feelings

Our fish are caught with compassion

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If we do not find ways to responsibly source fish from the world’s oceans there will no longer be seafood for us to serve and enjoy. As a restaurant family heavily focussed on seafood, we have an obligation to source responsibly and to inform our guests of the origins of our fish. Below, you can read a little about the fish on our menu!


The salmon for our Danish and German restaurants comes from Norway, where the fish are raised with plenty of room to move. Healthy living conditions for the salmon result in a greater firmness to the meat and a fantastic taste. The healthy, unstressed fish do not need antibiotics, and it is good for both those eating the salmon and for the marine environment!

The salmon in our UK restaurants comes from the grand Loch’s of Scotland. The fish swim around with lots of space and without the use of antibiotics which is why the salmon has multiple certifications, including for sustainable farming. The salmon’s taste is so good it has been endorsed by a range of high profile chefs and has even been served at the occasional royal wedding!


The white fish that we grill on wooden skewers and serve as yakitori has lived a wild life in Alaska and is certified sustainably caught. Although, the fish appears black on the shelves when it is freshly caught it has a gleaming silver colour, hence the name Gindara, Gin means silver in Japanese. According to Japanese tradition Gindara is one of the world’s finest fish for grilling! It is so good you will be tempted to order it twice!


The Tuna on our menu’s is of the Yellowfin variety and is line-caught. The best way to catch tuna is to use circular hooks when you’re in an area with a high concentration of sea turtles, then the risk of hauling in a turtle is less than with the common J-hook so, we work with our suppliers to implement these practices where needed. We are passionate about serving certified sustainably caught and sourced seafood, some of the suppliers we purchase our tuna from have certifications. We hope at one point to only serve certified tuna!


In the crystal clear waters of the Eyre Peninsula on the southern coast of Australia, our Hiramasa swims around enjoying the nutritious Arctic currents. This beautiful fish with its fine red / white meat is certified sustainably bred and fished. This way we ensure that we do not prey on natural fish stocks. Luckily, the breeder we buy the fish from is just as dedicated to running a sustainable and environmentally friendly business as we are!


We serve wild-caught scallops that live in deep water off the east coast of Canada. The scallops are frozen as soon as they arrive on the boat and remain frozen until they arrive in our kitchens. This preserves the freshness and the fine sea taste. Our scallops are only fished to levels below a sustainability quota, ensuring overfishing does not occur. That’s why our scallops are certified sustainably caught!


The shrimp, or actually prawn, that hugs the rice of our nigiri’s is of the white leg warm water variety – don’t know what that means? Well don’t worry, all you need to know is how good it tastes! And you can eat it guilt free because, the farm it comes from in southern Vietnam has full certification for socially and environmentally responsible sourcing practices!

The shrimp which plays the main role in our Tempura is farmed in Thailand where it is then individually coated in a tempura layer by hand!! The amazing professionals that create our tempura so beautifully have full certification for socially and environmentally responsible practices.


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