We believe the greatest way to make progress is together! That is why we have been part of numerous collaborations and continue to reach out to new organisations.

We are currently active members of the United Nations Global Compact Network, a cooperation between sustainably-focussed organisations with ambitious agendas. We are therefore committed to the UN Global Compact Networks’ ten guiding principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP’s), which cover the areas of anti-corruption, worker conditions, Human Rights and the environment. You can read more about our profile with the UN Global Compact Network here.

We are part of an association called The Restaurateurs' Guarantee Association (REGA) which is partnered with the UN Global Compact Network Denmark. This is a collaboration of Danish restaurants and café’s working to communally develop solutions to some of the industries greatest sustainability challenges. We partake in numerous workshops related to anti-corruption, Human Rights (including workers’ rights) and the environment. We are currently part of a project titled: Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) in the Value Chain.Where members are allocated to work on different projects. Our Topic is a Takeaway system for the future where we communally develop and test new ideas for takeaway systems. You can read more about REGA here.


We have recently reignited our membership to a UK-based network: The Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA). We are currently working to generate some targets going forwards. We will soon begin partaking in audits and projects here too! You can read more about the SRA here.


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