Another Sticks’n’Sushi opened its doors amidst the stately chestnut trees and beautiful landscaping on offer on Øster Farimagsgade in 2000.

The restaurant is characterised by its minimalistic design. It is aesthetically simple and offers a cosy bar for those who want to keep an eye on the chef. The restaurant is frequently visited by people picking up takeaway dinners, and during the summer, you can grab a cup of tea or coffee (or sake) and seat yourself outside while you wait for your food.

Fare well amongst the chestnut trees

There are plenty of stories about how Øster Farimagsgade – meaning Eastern Farewellstreet – got its name, and most of them are centred around Christian IV. The story goes that one day, a peasant was driving along the street, and when he refused to yield to the king’s vehicle, the king’s coachman drove into the shoulder. As the two vehicles passed one another, the king greeted the stubborn peasant with: “Far i mag, min gode mand!”—the Danish equivalent of “Fare well, my good man!”

Since then, generations of people living on Østerbro have walked the length of the street many times over—and when we first opened our doors at the start of the millennium, a fair amount of them walked right past us. The restaurant offers a modern design composed mainly of steel, black, and red, and the distinct style sets it apart from the older buildings on the street, the main features of which are their elaborate ornamentations and soft arches.

The menu offers our traditional yakitori sticks, sushi, colourful salads, and rice paper rolls. Regardless of whether you opt for raw or grilled, you can rest assured that what we serve is prepared to perfection. Choose from our selection of sweet drinks, Japanese beers, and sake. Should you be more inclined to enjoy a carbonated beverage with your raw fish, that can easily be arranged, too. We even have a special menu for the young ones, to make sure the entire family has a great time under our roof.

Larger group of guests

If you are twelve or more guests in your party, we kindly ask you to order your food in advance, as this will give our chef time to make sure that your food is absolutely perfect. Should there be guests in your party who would rather not eat raw fish, or who prefer plant-based diets. We welcome all requests for vegetarian meals.


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