Welcome to Sticks’n’Sushi Soho, perhaps the best sushi in Soho.

Soho is a colourful neighbourhood where Londoners and visitors alike, looking for a good time, have flocked to for centuries. Today when you visit the lively area, you can dine and drink in our Japanese-Danish Sticks’n’Sushi restaurant on 40 Beak Street.

From ladies of the night to sushi delight: The story behind sushi in Soho

Our Soho sushi restaurant offers a lot of history. Soho, once an expanse of fields and hunting grounds, underwent a transformation in the 17th century. The story goes that the gentry used to shout “soho” as a hunting cry and thus the name was born. The aristocracy acquired the land from the crown and swiftly developed it into opulent residences surrounding the newly constructed Soho Square. Today, the square remains a vibrant hub in this bustling part of the city. During the 70s and 80s, both prostitutes and the iconic Sex Pistols called Soho home, contributing to its somewhat tarnished reputation.

Visit our sushi restaurant in Soho, which bears the marks of Soho's history. In the present day, Soho remains a trendy locale, where echoes of both nobility and mischief can still be discerned. Far from being seedy or pretentious, the area exudes a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere.

Brand new but well-known

Experience our new Soho home which is designed by the award-winning architects at Stiff + Trevillion. Our contemporary yet warm interior design, featuring clean lines, natural materials, and soft lighting, creates an inviting ambiance for both intimate dinners and vibrant social gatherings. Eat the best sushi in Soho with your friends, colleagues or loved ones at our restaurant which offers a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere that enhances your overall experience. In Danish, we call it Hygge: A warm and pleasant feeling that permeates every square meter of our two-storey Sticks’n’Sushi restaurant.

Although our restaurant is furnished with brand new elements, our beloved Sticks'n'Sushi menu has remained unchanged. Find maki, nigiri, small dishes, salads on our menu. Choose between several different menus, we offer menus for the meat lovers as well as the vegetarian.

Order everything from our menu as takeaway.

We cannot wait to see you and serve you delicious sushi in Soho. Book your table today and experience the authentic taste of Japan right here in the heart of Soho.

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