Our Greenwich Sticks’n’Sushi restaurant is immersed in England’s seafaring history. The location has a prominent neighbour that serves as a reminder of the area’s maritime history: the Cutty Sark—one of the fastest clipper ships in the history of water transportation. Aside from maritime history, Greenwich offers small, cosy streets and a village atmosphere, thanks to its independent shops and cafés, as well as its view of the park.

Amongst ship bells and seafaring memories

Greenwich has an important place in England’s seafaring history and the historical importance of the town has made it a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Plenty of visitors to the town are interested in maritime history, but Greenwich has much more to offer than just shop bells and Greenwich Meridian, which splits the globe into its eastern and western hemispheres. Here, you can have one foot on the eastern hemisphere and the other on the western—and since 2015, it has been possible to shuffle both feet on over to Sticks’n’Sushi once that activity is out of the way.

Greenwich is teeming with history, and the same is true for the building in which our Sticks’n’Sushi restaurant is located. The façade of the restaurant is white with dark-green marquees and panelling. This contrast continues inside. The dining area by the bar is characterised by a Nordic airiness, thanks to the floating bulbs, white walls, and view of the English sky above the polished tables. If you prefer to enjoy your sake and sashimi at a round table in a darker corner of our restaurant—or at a small table practically built to hold hands on—that can easily be arranged.

The menu is our staple, filled with vegetables, meat, fish – and of course high-class sushi. There is something for everyone, regardless of whether they prefer raw or grilled. There is even a balanced mix of sushi, grilled delicacies, and colourful salads. The vegetables are fresh, and our presentations are innovative and appeal to the senses. As always, we offer desserts, Japanese beers, and sake (and if you prefer your raw fish with carbonated beverages, that can easily be arranged, too).

Here at Greenwich we are firm believers that sharing is caring. That’s why we’ve created a restaurant with large traditional Japanese sharing tables and put together some beautiful platters made to enjoy with others.

We cannot wait to see you at our Sticks’n’Sushi restaurant in Greenwich.

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Sticks'n'Sushi Restaurant, Greenwich, London, Bar, seen from the inside
Sticks'n'Sushi Restaurant, Greenwich, London, Skylight, seen from the inside
Sticks'n'Sushi Restaurant, Greenwich, London, seen from the inside
Sticks'n'Sushi Restaurant, Greenwich, London, Lights, Decor, seen from the inside
Sticks'n'Sushi Restaurant, Greenwich, London, seen from the inside
Sticks'n'Sushi Restaurant, Greenwich, London, seen from the inside, Lights, Decor

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