Tivoli Hotel


The Tivoli Hotel restaurant is located high above the city. The lamps hang over diners like soft clouds, while slim, black pillars help focus the light on the sharp knives and aromatic yakitori sticks in the kitchen. Have a nightcap in the golden lighting—or order room service if you feel like spending your entire evening looking down at Kalvebod Brygge.

As elegant as a tailored suit

The ceiling on the twelfth floor of Tivoli Hotel is unfathomably high. The large windows provide a view of the towers and spires decorating the skyline in the distance. We would be lying if we said our stomachs did not flip a little when we decided to open a restaurant on the highest floor.

The interior design of the restaurant is characterised by its simplicity and clean lines. It is as elegant as a tailored suit, which makes for a nice contrast with the twists and domes of the Copenhagen skyline.

As an April Fool’s joke, food critic Adam Price once wrote a review of a restaurant where you ate soup while sitting on a swing—and we drew inspiration from that when we moved into Kalvebod Brygge. Our bar is equipped with large leather swings for our diners who are brave enough to drink their coffee in a somewhat suspended position. That being said, there is also floor seating in the Japanese section and Bedouin couches in the lounge.

But the menu is our trademark menu, full of options for sushi, rice paper rolls, colourful salads, and sweet desserts. Regardless of whether you opt for raw or grilled, you can rest assured that what we serve is prepared to perfection—and if you want to really let your hair down after a long day at work, you might enjoy our cocktail bare. The bar is placed in an open kitchen, close to a terrace that offers a view of the ZOO Tower and the tallest building in Scandinavia: Malmö’s Turning Torso.

Larger group of guests

If you are ten or more guests in your party, we kindly ask you to order your food in advance, as this will give our chef time to make sure that your food is absolutely perfect. Should there be guests in your party who would rather not eat raw fish, or who prefer plant-based diets. We welcome all requests for vegetarian meals.


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