Strandvejen in Hellerup is home to two lovely pavilions—and this is where you will find Sticks’n’Sushi. Nowadays one of the pavilions is a takeaway restaurant that also offers a Japanese-Danish shop where you can buy tea, chopsticks, and an array of exotic ingredients; the other is a sit-down restaurant with a menu that offers all our famous dishes.

The South Pavilion - The First

The first pavilion is located in what used to be an Esso petrol station, but when Sticks’n’Sushi took over in 1999, the pumps had already been replaced with café tables. The hexagonal roof was once home to a repair workshop where mechanics worked on cars not fit to drive the length of Strandvejen.

The workshop was later converted to a bar, which we transformed into a partially open kitchen. This redesign made it possible to have a sit-down dinner or pick up food (and merchandise) to go.

Hellerup welcomed the Japanese-Scandinavian kitchen at the old petrol station with open arms. The doors opened and closed with such high frequency that there was practically a draught.

During the summer, it is even possible to sit on the cosy terrace between the two pavilions and enjoy the summer sun. It took a while, but eventually, we moved into the second pavilion as well.

The North Pavilion - The Second

Before we moved into the second pavilion on Strandvejen, it housed a beautiful assortment of lilies, roses, and peonies. The pavilion is located on the other side of the Sticks’n’Sushi terrace, and the flowers were long gone when we moved in and opened our second location in 2006.

This second location gave our customers the chance to have their meal without being disturbed by people picking up their takeaway dinners and chatting away in the shop. The open kitchen is surrounded by a bar where you can watch our chefs make sushi, grill vegetables and meat, and put together sweet desserts. The menu offers a colourful selection of salads, rice paper rolls, and Japanese beers—and bringing out a toast to the chef is more than acceptable.

Those of you who are keener to play footsie under the table and gaze deeply into your partner’s eyes will rejoice to hear that there are tables with a window view, as well as a small garden behind the pavilion. The garden is exceptionally beautiful during the summer, and there is plenty of shade from our huge parasols. If you want to hear the buzz of the bees, the garden is the place for you.

You can order and pick up takeaway dinners at the First South Pavilion.

Larger group of guests

If you are twelve or more guests in your party, we kindly ask you to order your food in advance, as this will give our chef time to make sure that your food is absolutely perfect. Should there be guests in your party who would rather not eat raw fish, or who prefer plant-based diets. We welcome all requests for vegetarian meals.


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