Sticks'n'Sushi Gl. Kongevej

Our Gammel Kongevej location is home to a restaurant, a takeaway service, and a private dining facility in the Sake Room that accommodates up to sixteen guests. The walls of the restaurant are painted a distinctive shade of green and adorned with paintings of the artists Leonard Forslund and Sabine Dehnel. Both artists specialise in photographing figurative elements.

With a fireplace and reading material

150 years ago, Gammel Kongevej was home to Denmark’s first gas utility company: Det Danske Gaskompagni. Nowadays, the same stately building houses Sticks’n’Sushi.

The menu comprises our balanced mix of sushi, grilled delicacies, and cold and hot dishes. Regardless of whether you opt for raw or grilled, you can rest assured that what we serve is prepared to perfection. Choose from our selection of sweet drinks, Japanese beers, and sake. Should you be more inclined to enjoy a carbonated beverage with your raw fish, that can easily be arranged, too. We even have a special menu for the young ones, to make sure the entire family has a great time under our roof.

Above the large, arched windows that offer a view of the unofficial main street of Frederiksberg is a row of faces of stone. They used to breathe fire, but the gas had been shut off for many years when we moved in, in 2007. The building was now inhabited by one of the most famous bookshops in Denmark. The old books were arranged in huge piles that reached the ceiling.

Wanting to respect the majestic rooms and their importance to the literary history of the country, we designed a restaurant across two floors that offered a fireplace and reading material for the guests patient enough to wait for a table. We even took photos of the old stacks of books and printed them on long pieces of fabric used to decorate the walls in the high-ceilinged room.

Larger group of guests

If you are twelve or more guests in your party, we kindly ask you to order your food in advance, as this will give our chef time to make sure that your food is absolutely perfect. Should there be guests in your party who would rather not eat raw fish, or who prefer plant-based diets. We welcome all requests for vegetarian meals.


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