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On Kantstrasse in Berlin you will find your new sushi restaurant

Are you looking for your next favourite sushi restaurant, where you know you can always drop by for some different and innovative sushi. Sticks'n'Sushi is much more than just sushi, as we also experiment with Japanese salads with flavourful ingredients and our yakitori sticks, which attract a lot of flavour from their turn on the grill.

One of our restaurants can be found on Kantstrasse in Berlin, which is in the middle of the Charlottenburg district of former West Berlin. The restaurant and its gastronomy is a blend of Japanese cuisine with a Nordic aesthetic twist from Denmark.

With a sushi restaurant in such a great location in the historic Charlottenburg district, you can't help but enjoy the ride to your dining experience, and when you finally hit Kantstrasse and Sticks'n'Sushi, the experiences continue.

At Sticks'n'Sushi, we manage to fuse traditional sushi dishes with new, modern serves, compositions and exciting methods. The first sushi restaurant was opened in Denmark in 1994, and now we are at Kantstrasse in Berlin, and the Japanese delicacies continue to develop.

A dining experience at Sticks'n'Sushi on Kantstrasse has character, and the modern and exclusive spaces provide the setting for an unforgettable evening at a sushi restaurant with excellent service and surprising offerings.

You can already dream yourself away in our menu and explore our aesthetic selection of sushi trends before your next visit to Kantstrasse.

Diverse menu with a focus on sustainability

At Sticks'n'Sushi, we care not only about aesthetics and innovative sushi, but also about the quality of your dining experience. In our choice of locations as well as ingredients, we respect the local environment.

Especially on Kantstrasse and in the Charlottenburg district, diversity is the keyword. In this area, both culture and diversity stand out, between cultural institutions and art cinemas, among other things. We believe that our sushi restaurant fits in perfectly here, with our fusion of Danish aesthetics and Japanese food culture.

Our fish is chosen with care and with the environment in mind, and we therefore select quality fish and have respect for the raw material. We have made room for everyone and there are plenty of options for both vegetarian and vegan sushi dishes. We believe that everyone, regardless of preference, should have the opportunity to experience the universe we offer at Sticks'n'Sushi.

A visit to the sushi restaurant or take away on Kantstrasse?

Not only can you experience our sizzling hot and flavourful sticks and sushi rolls made to perfection in authentic and modern surroundings at the restaurant on Kantstrasse, you can also take your sushi out into the open air. How perfect is that with a location less than 500 metres from the Zoologischer Garten?

So order your favourite sushi dishes at our sushi restaurant on Kantstrasse as take away and take them to the garden or to one of your other favourite places nearby and enjoy life to the full.

You have the option to order your take away during our opening hours, which are from 12 - 22.30 Sunday to Wednesday and 12-23.30 Thursday to Saturday. You can also book a table during the same hours if you fancy a dining experience in our modern and authentic surroundings on Kantstrasse.


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