Menus and drinks

Learn more about our menus in London, Cambridge and Oxford

Sticks'n'Sushi is a blend. Between a Japanese traditionalist and a Danish anarchist. We have learned from the empire of the sun – but also learned the importance of supplementing with things from the garden and the local waters. That is why we have many local friends. We will probably never become honorary citizens of Japan. However, we do get visits from the ambassador every now and then. We see that as a sign of forgiveness.

Menu card

See our menu card with maki, nigiri, small dishes, salads and yakitori skewers. We have different menus, offering sushi, sticks or both. Menus for one, for two, for more, for the vegetarian, for big kids and small.

Drinks menu

We have a select choice of beverages to compliment your sticks and sushi.

Kids menus

We have gathered the kids' favourites in menus, too. No matter if they prefer sushi, hot sticks, a mix or a bigger menu, you can find all the options here.

Today our Sushi London restaurants are covering most of the city and our staff are always ready to invite you in with open arms. Whether it's for a quick lunch, romantic dinner or a big family gathering, all of our restaurants are ready to give you an experience that will be hard to forget. Take a stroll through our different menucards, we are sure that there is something for your taste!