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Quality – always! We go to great lengths to ensure our guests the best quality possible. This a commitment that we refuse to compromise.

We recognize that our responsibility for environmental, social and economic impacts are linked to the cooperation we have with our business relationships. Therefore, we collaborate with our suppliers and require that they live up to the same internationally agreed standards for responsible business conduct as we require from ourselves. Together, we ensure that the products and services we use live up to the expectations listed in our Business Relationship Code of Conduct. This is just part of our mission to serve uncompromising quality.

At the same time, through dialogue, we try to boost responsible practices in our supply chain as well and assist with capacity building. Most importantly, we are open about our work in the hope that we can influence colleagues, guests and ultimately the society in which we operate. If you want to know more about our sourcing practices, please contact us here.


Our MATR Chili stick is plant-based and made of five simple Danish ingredients: Potato, beetroot, lupin, split peas & oats. 

MATR Foods is a Danish start up with focus on starting a new generation of plant-based food. Their recipe is simple and the taste is big.

They upcycle unwanted vegetables add natural fungal spores and let them create healthy and green food. It is developed with fungal fermentation, which gives the vegetables a juicy bite and deep umami flavour while concentrating the good plant nutrition; lots of protein and fibre without fat or additives


If we do not find ways to responsibly source fish from the world’s oceans there will no longer be seafood for us to serve and enjoy. As a restaurant family heavily focussed on seafood, we have an obligation to source responsibly and to inform our guests of the origins of our fish. Below, you can read a little about the fish on our menu!


The salmon for our Danish and German restaurants comes from Norway, where the fish are raised with plenty of room to move. Healthy living conditions for the salmon result in a greater firmness to the meat and a fantastic taste.

The salmon in our UK restaurants comes from the grand Loch’s of Scotland. The fish swim around with lots of space and has multiple certifications, including for sustainable farming. The salmon’s taste is so good it has been endorsed by a range of high-profile chefs and has even been served at a royal wedding!


The white fish that we grill on wooden skewers and serve as yakitori has lived a wild life in Alaska and is certified to the MSC Fisheries Standard, a set of requirements for sustainable fishing. Although, the fish appears black on the shelves when it is freshly caught it has a gleaming silver colour, hence the name Gindara, Gin means silver in Japanese. According to Japanese tradition Gindara is one of the world’s finest fish for grilling! It is so good you will be tempted to order it twice!


The Tuna on our menu’s is of the Yellowfin variety and is line-caught. The best way to catch tuna is to use circular hooks when you’re in an area with a high concentration of sea turtles, then the risk of hauling in a turtle is less than with the common J-hook. Tuna caught with a circular hook is therefore a requirement we state when buying tuna.


This beautiful fish with its fine pink / white meat and firm bite combines perfectly with many flavours. Coming from the Netherlands it is bred with focus on animal welfare and biodiversity and has multiple certifications.


We serve wild-caught scallops that live in deep water off the east coast of Canada, which are certified to the MSC Fisheries Standard. The scallops are frozen as soon as they arrive on the boat and remain frozen until they arrive in our kitchens. This preserves the freshness and the fine sea taste. Our scallops are only fished to levels below a sustainability quota, ensuring overfishing does not occur.


Our shrimp is farmed in the Southern Vietnam and is certified to the ASC standard that includes hundreds of requirements covering everything from animal welfare to employee conditions.

The shrimp which plays the main role in our Tempura is farmed in Thailand where it is then individually coated in tempura by hand!! The amazing professionals that create our tempura so beautifully have certifications for socially and environmentally responsible practices.


Rice is not just rice. It makes a huge difference in the quality our the meal and we therefore go to great lengths to ensure the right taste, feel and quality for our rice. We work with a supplier that has over 130 years of experience. Our supplier provides the highest quality standard possible. It is produced in An Giang province in Vietnam that has a favorable climate and fertile soil.


There is no sushi without soy! Therefore, we take great care to ensure we only deliver the best! Our soy is produced the Netherlands from soyabeans coming from Brazil, US, Canada and Europe. All Brazilian producers are certified to the ProTerra standard, which means that they are required to address key issues such as deforestation, land conversion, biodiversity, good farming practices and human rights. The producers in US, Canada and Europe are not certified, but live up to our producer’s due diligence on the same key issues.


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