We live the philosophy of Kaizen, which is Japanese for ‘making things better’ and recognize the need to deliver true and lasting change. We believe that business and responsibility go hand in hand. It is crucial that our business conduct is sustainable into the distant future, as well as optimising financial returns now and here.

Taking responsibility is not something new to us. It is part of our DNA and something we have worked with since the very beginning in 1994. In fact, we have trademarked it SushiStainable as our commitment to always improve. We are ambitious, dedicating resources, and monitoring our efforts, but at the same time we understand that we have far to go.

We do not fulfil our potential in our operations alone. With numerous of guests visiting our restaurants every day, we can make a difference in the communities where we operate. We wish to use our work with SushiStainable as a foundation to share our experiences, express our views, inspire others and become wiser on the society we take part in. Therefore, we see our contact with our guests as a direct opportunity to contribute to creating a more sustainable present and future. This is the core of SushiStainable.

Below you can read more about how we make SushiStainable operational.

Our commitment is anchored at the very top through our SushiStainable Policy Commitment, which you can read here.

Download our latest Communication on Progress report here.


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