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Should you want to get in touch with questions, comments, or suggestions, you can find our phone number and addresses here. If your enquiry is about your takeaway order, please do call the restaurant directly so we can assist you as quickly as possible. You'll find an overview at the bottom of this page.


Please fill out the contact form, and we will get back to you. To best address your query, we would like to engage in a dialogue with you, so your enquiry is not anonymous, but it is confidential. (If you wish to make an anonymous enquiry, please use our whistleblower scheme.) Your information will only be shared with individuals directly involved in handling your query, unless we receive consent otherwise.

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At Sticks’n’Sushi we take our responsibility towards people and society seriously as we continuously seek to improve on all matters.

We strive to respect your rights and the rights of others, we want to protect the environment and run a fair business without any forms of corruption. Have you experienced or witnessed something unpleasant such as discrimination, or have any comments about the food we serve at our restaurants? Or have you got complaints or great ideas on how we can improve in other areas, such as related to sustainability? We would love to hear from you


Our whistleblower system offers a confidential and safe channel, where any employee or third party can report concerns, if they suspect that serious or illegal misconduct or other potential wrongdoing is taking place.

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