Sticks'n'Sushi is for those who love sushi and yakitori sticks - and for everyone in between.

We serve not just the great food experience - but the full experience.

We consider ourselves a cross between a Japanese traditionalist and a Danish anarchist - we offer food that bears the mark of creative interpretations inspired by Japanese and Nordic cuisine. And we have something for everyone - for the hungry stomach and the curious taste buds. We serve fresh sushi; grilled yakitori sticks; crispy salads and sweet desserts.

Enjoy your sushi in our atmospheric restaurants, all located in spaces specifically chosen to tell the good story. Or perhaps you're looking for a cosy evening at home? If so, we serve and deliver takeaway throughout London and the surrounding area. So you can bring the great Sticks'n'Sushi experience home to your living room, park or wherever you may be.


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