Go Fish

GO FISH is our approach to wellbeing. It’s what we do today but also what we build on for tomorrow. Happy and healthy fishes.

That’s Us.

We believe there are 5 (五GO) areas that are key when it comes to wellbeing

ICHI - Strong Financially

Because money can really affect our wellbeing, our state of happiness, health and comfort.

We believe in fair and transparent pay and reward for our Fish. We offer company pension schemes and discounts collected as perks’n’pleasures, as well as a generous ‘One of Us’ discount for all our team members to enjoy our sticks and sushi.

NI - Strong Body

Because without a healthy body there is not much we can do. We need you strong and healthy to be happy.

This touches many areas of our environment, but to name a few, we believe in physical safety with good working practices, safe equipment, and personal safety training. In these times, we also do daily health checks for the safety of ourselves, teams, and guests.

We also facilitate opportunities to physical activities with walking and running clubs, events and charity walks.

SAN - Strong Mind

Because it is okay to not be okay. We will go through it together.

We strive for an open and collaborative culture, with innovation driving positive relationships​.

It’s important for us to have a good working environment with well designed restaurants, open and inclusive where it is fun to be at work​. And a focus on how we work. In area of job design, job roles, job quality, workload, working hours, job satisfaction, work-life balance.​

We always practice leadership based on our values with a clear purpose, a wellbeing strategy, corporate governance, building trust.

YON - Strong Community

Because at Sticks’n’Sushi you get what you give.

We are passionate of our CSR beliefs, recycling initiatives and contribution to global sustainability.

We are members of REGA and contribute to their annual Impact Assessment.

Diversity and inclusion in crucial and a corner stone in our culture. In Sticks’n’Sushi we value differences and cultural engagement.

GO - Strong Socially

Because together we are stronger.

We value positive relationships in our management style and team work, always with dignity and respect for others!

We have regular, global unity calls for all our teams together with senior management to bring people closer and spread great news.

We have Fish Tank representatives in our restaurant to enforce an open and fair work environment!

And we love our legendary staff parties!